Monday, January 05, 2015

My Christmas Time

I’ve heard of Jesus who was born in a stable
Of wisemen, bright stars and other great fables
Of ivy and mistletoe and endless traditions
And interesting Christmas tales in various editions

But I find myself pondering on various occasions
A private concern above all life’s equations
Will I know Him when He comes in all His glory?
Will I recognize the truth, will I know the true story?

Will his voice be too soft for my ears to hear?
Or will my heart embrace His words strong and clear?
Will I recognize His tender face on sight?
Or will He just be another star in the night?
Will I hesitate to run to Him and rather just hide?
Or will my feet simply know the way to His side?
I better get to know Him now, this very minute then
For soon He comes and no one knows the hows or wheres or when

I Know His hands fashioned Moses’ laws on heavy mountain blocks
And these same fingers touched 16 stones to glow as fiery rocks
His hands bid the tempest calm and thunderous winds to cease
These same hands can at moment’s call give indescribable peace
He called the little children and blessed them ‘round his knee
He showed the way for Lehi to go across the sea
And then upon a boy who prayed in faith implicitly
He gifted truth in fullness clear and quiet simplicity

Many sing and carols ring of a baby born in a manger
And yet to them this babe is like another faceless stranger
To me He is my Prince, my King, my brother and my friend
Because I know He lived on earth and still He lives again

Sometimes late at long days end, I kneel in private prayer
I hear the rustling of his robes, of his presence I’m full aware
I can almost feel His hand upon, my heavy shoulder’s rest
For deep in prayer after scripture time is when I feel Him best

Once a year the world takes pause for gifts and a Christmas tree
I’ll close my eyes and imagine Him right here just close to me
And everyday I’ll do just that as I learn life’s lessons sweet
For my Christmas time is that one great day when I fall upon His feet.

                                               Written by: E.Christie deRama-Faux
©2001 All Rights Reserved