Saturday, June 10, 2006

Introducing Heaven

The Lord’s voice awakened young Samuel as he lay sleeping but he did not recognize His voice. Assuming that it was Eli, his guardian, who was calling, he instantly gets up and runs to his chambers. “Here I am!” he answers obediently. Eli, ancient and near blind, is awakened and tells Samuel to go back to sleep. Twice this happened and twice, Eli reassures Samuel that he did not beckon him and thus, patiently sends him back to sleep. But the voice persisted a third time and Samuel once again obediently runs back to Eli. This time, Eli “perceived that the Lord had called the child”. Carefully, he looks into Samuel’s young face and, now graced by enlightenment, introduces the young boy to the powers of heaven that beckon him.

“...Eli said unto Samuel, Go, lie down; and it shall be, if he call thee, that thou shalt say, Speak, Lord; for thy servant heareth…..”

With this introduction, Samuel became privy to the powers of heaven “to hear his voice
that he might instruct thee….....” (Deuteronomy 4:36)


My little son, Leland came into the bedroom one night crying.

“What’s the matter?” I asked, as my mind reluctantly surrendered to wakefulness.

“I can’t find my Mousie!” he cried, as sheer desperation flooded his angel face.

I vanquished the momentary urge to get irritated and proceeded to get up.

“Let’s go find Mousie.”

But Mousie was nowhere to be found. Still earnestly trying to fight the strong urge to merely dismiss my son’s yearning for this ragged toy, a sudden spark of enlightenment burst into my consciousness until the vision of what I needed to do brimmed with clarity and purpose. Like Eli of old, I realized that the Lord was beckoning—–opening a door for my young son to hear Him and and experience the powers of heaven. And like Eli, my task was to introduce my angel son to these powers so that he may recognize the voice of God.

“Let’s kneel down and ask Heavenly Father to help us find him.”

Mother and son then knelt down by the bedside and earnestly asked a loving Heavenly Father for assistance in finding a very important soft animal pillow whose shape fit perfectly in my son’s little hand and whose eyes sparkled with silvery thread.

After our prayer was said, a sweetness filled my heart as I tucked my young son back to bed. I softly caressed his tender cheeks and as we straightened out his blanket, Mousie popped out from the folds right into my son’s sight and reach. Great joy and relief illuminated his innocent baby face and we joyfully thanked Heavenly Father for His kindness and His quick and ready hand.

Our prayer was answered and the heavens were opened….wide open. And although I had already turned off the bedroom light, there was a brighter light that filled our spiritual eyes. As I hugged little Leland good-night, I thanked the Lord again for the privilege of introducing heaven to my little son for I knew that this night would always be in his memory and would help shape his belief and trust in a Heavenly Father who lives, who is real and who loves us.

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